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About city bloc

City Bloc is an Indoor Bouldering Centre located in Leeds, UK, that has made a name for itself as one of the most favoured gyms in the area. ‘The Bloc’ as it has been nicknamed, boasts some of the best route-setting in the UK - due to the hard work of Director & Route-Setter, Ben Meeks. Now, with 10 years since opening its doors, City Bloc is considered a community by its customers and staff - keeping true to the climbing nature, while adapting to the rising popularity this sport is seeing.



realising excellence

We have been working with the team at City Bloc, understanding what makes them shine as climbing centre. Upon having hundreds of conversations with every member of staff and customer who climbs there, we now find ourselves integrated in to their community. City Bloc thrive in their exceptional route-setting and we work closely with them to match this excellence through their presence as a business online, to their wide audience of regular climbers and new potential customers looking to jump on the rock climbing craze.

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adding professionalism

When we found City Bloc, we were given to duty of revitalising their website, based on their existing brand style. Since then, we have taken their logo and extended their identity and have spread it amongst all their marketing materials. With us now being in control of their marketing channels we are able to maintain a consistency throughout, enabling us to innovate & adapt it when necessary. We saw a huge opportunity to develop their brand in a way that celebrates what City Bloc is within its community and other potential visitors. We brought a in a clean style that adhered to form & function, but bringing in the playful, powerful and relaxed vibe, their customer-base keep coming back for.



Video Production

In a push to appeal to regular gym-goers, we were fortunate to be given a slot on the televisions scattered around gyms in the Leeds area. We believed that those who like to get strong and aim for mental and physical wellbeing through hitting the gym, would be interested in using a climbing gym too. The following video was created to simply highlight how climbing works and the benefits it can give you. The video went on to attract an abundance of curious people, looking to give indoor climbing a go and have continued to use the centre since.

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